Whether you are in Brittany or Norway, the mackerel is the fish of the summer! The mackerel is a migratory fish that lives in cold waters in summer before returning to warmer waters in autumn. Its elongate body makes it an excellent swimmer. It is so beautiful with its blue-green back, zebra of black stripes! It is fun to fish mackerel! The fish are shoaling, that is they stay in group, and each catch can give several fish. “Av makrell gjør man sprell”, say people in Norway. “Sprell” means wriggling (the fish wriggles), but also joke. So let us eat mackerel, wriggle and joke. It’s summer!

Mackerel is cheap and delicious, and moreover very good for health! It contains essential fatty acids. It is rich in omega-3, thus recommended in the prevention of heart diseases. Be careful however. Its flesh is fragile, and mackerel should be consumed fresh.

There are many ways to cook mackerel. My favourite recipe, also very simple, is grilled mackerel with mustard.


  • One small-size mackerel per person
  • Moutarde de dijon
  • Crème fraîche

Clean the fish, cut head and tail.

Remove the backbone, make two fillets with skin.

Mix mustard and cream.

Spread this mixture on both sides of the fish fillets.

Grill “a la plancha” a few minutes on both sides. You can also bake the fillets in the oven.

It is ready! It is excellent served with couscous semolina.



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