Capriciously small

La boudeuse, the sulky oyster, bears its name well: it seems that it has stubbornly refused to grow. Behind a small shell with rounded shapes, it hides a plump, generous and savoury flesh. La boudeuse is the perfect oyster for baking.

I love oysters. I grew up in a village in Brittany situated between two abers, two coastal rivers invaded by the sea, where conditions are perfect for oyster farming. Unfortunately, I have developed an intolerance to raw oysters. I now eat them baked. Trust me, it is delicious! I use butter, white wine and parmesan. I prefer these ingredients rather than commonly used garlic butter that dominates the oyster taste. For baking, you should use fleshy oysters. Otherwise, oysters will dry up during baking. For a starter, around 6 oysters per person should be fine.

Open the oysters. A good advice is to open them a few minutes before consuming them and empty the water. The oysters will produce new water that tastes much better that the one you through away.

Add a small piece of butter in each shell.

Pour a little dry white wine.

Add a chip of Parmesan cheese.

Bake in the oven around 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Then, set the oven on grill position and let grill a few minutes.

Voilà! À table!


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